Celebrating One Year

It’s been a busy few months for us with a lot of great captures that I’m finally getting a chance to play catch up on posting. I’m excited to post a handful of awesome first year celebrations along with newborns and of course hitting full swing into our wedding season. So before I head out this morning (actually just got back from an early ride.. can’t feel my fingers still) as we have a busy a day ahead of us, I wanted to post this cute first birthday celebration of this handsome little fella.

Little man C parent’s went all out for his son’s first birthday. This private party was held at a sweet and perfect place where all of C’s family and friends were able to celebrate with him. One of the spotlights of C’s party was the killer dessert table made by C’s aunt Maureen, all themed with Sesame Street characters. Maureen you got some mad delicious talent! As you will see in the pics was that there was so much love for this little guy from all of his friends and family.

To my friends Dave and Elna, love seeing you both and thanks always for having me capture these special events for your family. Gi and I are stoked about Carter’s upcoming brother and can’t wait to meet the little guy when the time comes =) Here are some pics from the party as the rest are on your way.

Your Friend, Leon
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