Gorgeous Family of Three

What I find pretty crazy about this family is how good looking they are. I mean not only was the couple really good looking but their mom, sister and her sister’s husband has the same model like good looks. I know this first hand as I was lucky enough to capture both their families. Whatever happened to the norm where the wife is gorgeous and the husband has to over compensate with having tons of camera gear and charm =)

A&M and their beautiful baby L were a blast to capture. Their son is super cute as you’ll see in the pics and parenting seems so natural for this couple. We started off capturing some portraits of baby L and worked our way around their new home. I loved the fact that they all bundled up and we got a chance to snap a few pics outside to reflect our winter shoot.

I want to sincerely thank A&M for inviting me over to capture these precious pics of their son at this cute life stage. Here are a handful of pics from our session.

Your friend, Leon Chai
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