Var & Anderson’s Lifestyle Engagement Session

I did a good amount of outdoor shoots for the month of December. Every time one of our clients request a wintertime shoot, I give them props and I prepare to freeze as we know how cold it has been the past few months. Gi and I met Anderson originally at Allen and Michelle’s wedding back in 2012 (werd up guys!) and was thrilled when Anderson and Var contacted us regarding their upcoming big day.

So on the day of their shoot… looking back at these images don’t let the pics fool you. No snow or sometimes no jackets did not mean it wasn’t flipping cold that day but they did a great job thinking warm thoughts =) We started off in the heart of downtown Toronto by Steam Whistle Brewery, worked a little outdoors, and then jumped inside so we could to warm up for a bit. We ended off our shoot by the waterfront area, which was kinda cool (no pun intended), since it felt like a closed set for just the two of them. To my friends Var & Anderson, this was a fun part 1 of getting to know you guys in front of the camera, can’t wait to the summer for the big part 2 =) Here are a few pics from our session.
Your Friend, Leon
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Tina and Reggie Married! The Royal Conservatory of Music

I started the day off at Mankind with Reg and his boys.   Now I must say this is the first time I have been to a place like this and I would not recommend bringing your hubbies there as they may never want to leave =p.   It is effectively a male grooming salon which is fantastic for the men but selfishly I am worried that Leon would like it too much.   I got there just in time to catch Reg starting his clean shave for the big day.  I have to admit it is a work of art with the energy and time the groomer takes to ensure that his clients have a clean shave.

I also have to say it is a small world as I was introducing myself to the groomsmen, I noticed one that seemed familiar.   It wasn’t until we stated our names that we realized that he subs for me on my ultimate Frisbee team.  I guess we just aren’t used to seeing each other off the field.

We went from Mankind straight over to Trinity Chapel at U of T.   Given that it was a cold day in January, there was actually no power at the ceremony site.   Nonetheless, the chapel was still lit beautifully and you would be none the wiser through the pictures (except maybe a couple of extra jackets on everyone).   Reg and Tina were both troopers as there was not a complaint from either of them as they were too excited with the adrenaline rush of their big day.   Love it when the couple is too busy being in love to worry about the little things.

The reception was held at the beautiful Royal Conservatory of Music where Tina and Reg kicked the wedding off with the first dance on the balcony.  Guests got to watch the love between the couple but Tina and Reg still got to feel like they were all alone in their dance.   When Leon told me lunch was chicken and waffles I was thinking a big fried chicken with waffles southern style.  Of course, I should have known better with the venue and this couple that it would be fancy waffles and a chicken dish as well.  A couple who loves food is a couple after my own heart.

Congratulations to the both of you and can’t wait to see you soon (probably at Fresh =))




I have tons to say about Tina and Reggie’s wedding and unlike my well articulated beautiful wife of mine.. I’m gonna be all over the map as always. So Tina told me the theme of their wedding was “simple”.   The context of simple is not that simple.  Because I work with architectures and designers like her all the time,  her meaning of simple means, classy, timeless, elegant , minimalistic – simplicity.  Like a beautifully design classic furniture – simple.  With their wedding  - she nailed it.  I loved how there was meaning in everything.. from the gorgeous Trinity chapel that they got married in which she wrote a paper on ..presumably during her architectural degree to their actual wedding day which falls on their anniversary.  Aside from all the wedding details, one of the obvious things that made this wedding was the love that Tina & Reggie had for each other… and it is pretty apparent.

I started off my morning at Sharan and Alex’s condo where Tina was getting ready and this was a win- win all around as it was nice to see familiar faces first thing in the morning.  It was pretty awesome that everything was within walking distance, so I headed over to Trinity Chapel after Tina got into her dress.  Like Gi mentioned, when we got to the chapel there was no power but at the same time.. no complaints and no stress.  After a beautiful ceremony, we did a group shot with Gi capturing this from the balcony.

The Royal Conservatory of Music was a first for us and we loved it.  Bright open space, heritage and design elements mixing new and old.. what is there not to love.  During the speeches, something clued into to me a guest mentioned Tina and her Greens eyes…. Does anyone remember that movie Big trouble in little china? Anyways, totally random… but if this was back in the 80’s.. I would guard her closely Reg!

To my friends Tina & Reggie, congrats again and thank you both for having us capture your gorgeous wedding.  Here are a few pics to visually story tell your day.

Your Friend, Leon

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