Welcoming this little guy – Newborn Baby M

It’s honestly such great news to hear when someone is expecting and even more so when it’s one of our wedding coupes.  On my end, it feels great to be asked to do the newborn session as I feel like it’s a continuation of capturing their story.  Funny thing is, with A&E.. it just feels like yesterday that Gi and I and our friends at L3 events were all working together at their wedding.  So good for you guys for kicking it into high gear with the baby action =)


It was good times seeing A&E as I walking into their gorgeous home.  I got a chance to play catch up with them and got to meet their cute son.  We quickly got down to business and had some fun getting baby M ready for the camera and the little dude was awesome… especially since A&E looked like such natural born parents.

To my friend A&E, congrats again guys and thanks so much for having me capture this special time in your life.  Here are a few pics from our shoot.


Your Friend,


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Maria & Matthew… A Beautiful Fall Afternoon

The three of us have some common ground.  I love weddings and Maria is a wedding planner (envisionelegance) .  I absolutely love photography and so does Matthew.  I even think in some ways he is even more hardcore then me .. since he told me he carries his 70-200 zoom lens on trips.. and forgive me for the camera jargon… it’s basically that big honking white lens that you see sports photographers use.. along with my wife.. as it is her favorite lens (I refuse to carry that lens.. too heavy.. hurts my back =))


I got reacquainted with Maria a month ago when I was shooting an event for the Wedding Planner Institute of Canada (WPIC) and got a chance to see Maria.   She quickly mentioned to me that she’s engaged and was toying with the idea of having a Fall engagement shoot as they are having a destination wedding next year.  So it was pretty awesome when she messaged me a few weeks later just in time for the perfect fall weather + loving couple.  So we met up at the Brickworks and where I got a chance to get to know this couple in person and in front of the camera.  These guys are totally cute together as you’ll see in the pics.  We worked our way around the grounds and had some fun while doing it.

Now to the main attraction.. the pics.. but before that, I wanted to thank my new friends  Maria and Matthew for booking this session with me.  Your wedding in Hawaii is going to be amazing and I’m sure you guys are on top of all the planning =)  Here are a few pics from our session.


Your Friend, Leon

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Happy First Birthday S!

There is attention to detail and then there is serious attention to detail… and this is where my friend G comes in.  Gi and I figured this out when we did their wedding…where G (not my Gi…hehe) had every little creative detailed planned. Ironically enough, speaking about their wedding… I still have their table placement ornament (a tiny bottle with sand and sea shells with our names in it) on my work station in the studio.

So not for nothing,  S’s first Birthday as special as it is.. was even more special with the creative and well thought out plans from G (and I’ll throw in her husband S too =))  The celebration was in Lemonville (when life gives you lemons.. make a ville?) at a perfect community centre that had great space both indoor and outdoors for the kids and adults to play.   G& S looked great and their daughter was all dressed up for the occasion.  From a journalist perspective there was so much going on .. from the kids playing in the leaves (at one point they attacked the photographer) to face painting to amazing food to beautiful cupcakes along with a big cupcake made by our mutual friend Sonia (Sonia Sweet Treats). After the party got going, the Birthday girl headed outside where we did some family pics and big group pic (the best we could.. with all the kids).


When the time came for S to blow out her candle, G&S added a cool touch by adding in this small firework that they had brought back from Italy.   To my friends G&S, I was just showing all the final pics to Gi and we’re both continuously happy for guys.  Thanks so much for always keeping me in mind for capturing these special events for your family, it means a lot to me.  Here are just a few pics from the day.


Your Friend,  Leon


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Happy First B-day E!

So I’m double posting today as I have another cute 1 year old party that I captured the same weekend as Baby E’s first B-day.  K+E are close friends of both Gi and I, so I was super happy when they asked to capture their son’s first B day event.   On the day of his birthday party, Gi and I arrived a little earlier and during that time, both parents where scrambling around making sure everything was perfect and getting all the delicious Hakka food ready.   Then slowly ALL the parents +kids started arriving.  It was pretty crazy and fun filled at one point with all the kids running / crawling around.   During the party, I grabbed the family and did a few outdoor portraits with the birthday boy when the weather permitted.  After, we TRIED to attempt to get all the toddler and kids together to do a group pic.. and … yeah….good attempt if I must say =)


Want to wish my little buddy a very happy first birthday and also wanted to thank his parents for having me capture this day.  Here are a few pics =)


Uncle, Leon

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Fun Fall Family Shoot of Six

From the start of the Fall season it has been crazy busy for us… I even think it’s busier than our summer wedding season.  So aside from the never ending editing and editing and editing… It has been such a wonderful mix of newly engaged couples wanting to get Fall colours to doing all these fun family lifestyle session to meeting new clients to hand delivering our finished wedding pics… I love it.

So a month before this session, I got to hang with my high school friend M.. where the primary focus was a shoot for her parent’s anniversary which included her and her brother’s family.  In the next month, I was lucky enough to have her brother’s wife contact me to do the same type of shoot for her family + her parents.   I love and totally appreciate when clients coordinate with their parents for shoots… as I know it can be tough but it’s one of those worthwhile things, in my humble opinion, to have a portrait of the whole family.


So we met up in Unionville main street and it was great seeing this family of 6 again + meeting M’s parents.  We first focused on getting as many pics as possible with the grandparent’s and afterwards we just roamed around the area capturing this awesome family.  As a new tradition, we ended off the shoot with the kids (and adults) grabbing ice cream =).


To my new friends M & B thank you so much for this session and especially for coordinating this shoot with your parents. Here are just a few pics from our day.


Your Friend, Leon

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