Yummm… Food Trucks + Classic VW Bugs // Vancouver

I figure it’s Friday and everyone is itching to get out of the office to start their long weekend…. Ironically enough, we’re gearing up to start our work weekend.  I wanted do a personal entry, since I have not done a personal blog in forever plus we got TONS awesome wedding and lifestyle entries that I’m stoked to post up coming soon.

So Gi and I bolted off to Vancouver last weekend,  Van city is always good times and aside from the friends we love there … it’s a city that fits Gi and I.   From the our love for cycling, boutique coffee shops, the slower pace lifestyle to Gi’s love for making me climb a bloody mountain… on that note, I dropped my left lung climbing the Grouse… if anyone reading this finds it.. please email me .. merci…

So Gi and I have this thing… we’re hooked on Food Trucks. Everywhere we travel for shoots or for personal… we’re always on the hunt for food trucks.   So when we  saw a food truck event happening… we totally had to hit it up.    It was HOT when we got to the event!!! Like why did I wear a black shirt that day hot… Of course that meant the first thing we had to hit was finding a drink.   Here’s the difference between Gi and I… if I’m thirsty… I find the drink line and order a drink.  If Gi’s thirsty.. she hops on her phone… researches the best drink  the event has to offer… reads a gazillion reviews on yelp and  then makes me line up to get it…  god bless her I say =)

So…a run down of what we got includes…

1)   Hibiscus Lemonade from World of Drinks

2)   Aussie Pie  from Aussie Pie Guy (the pie was deeeeelicous )

3)   Sweet Potato Fries with Gravy and Pulled Pork from Feastro

4)   And a Blue Berry Mojito popsicle from Gourmet Popsicle

And then when we left the event… we hopped in our car where I saw this small sign on the road and that said “VW show” … Oh dude…  ended up being one of the largest old school new school  vdub shows… For those of you that don’t know.. I loooove classic VW’s… been driving VW’s for 18 years =)  Anyways…Have a awesome long weekend everyone and check back here as I have a ton of great wedding, newborns, lifestyle pics coming up.

Your Friend, Leon
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Vanessa & Dan are Married! // Columbus Event Centre Wedding

It’s such a great feeling when we get to capture multiple wedding from the same family.  I mean it’s great seeing familiar faces again especially when it is such a happy occasion.  So in the morning when I started at Vanessa’s place and walked into their home, it was a warm welcome from the family with lots of offerings of food and espresso.  The festivities continued for the rest of the morning as the friends and family poured in through the doors and spread throughout, inside and outside the house.  I didn’t even get a chance to find Stella and Mike right away  (sister of the bride wedding we captured previously) since I so wanted to see their adorable daughter and them.   I did get to Vanessa though, and as always she was super calm full of smiles.   She quickly got into her gorgeous dress and popped out to see everyone, right before she jumped into the sweet silver vintage Rolls Royce.

Not until I checked out Gi’s pics of her and the guys in the morning did I get see that the guys had hopped on a streetcar.   The dichotomy of the two commutes to the church are hilarious! Good times =)   Once again, St. Clare’s Church was a beautiful venue which nicely matched Vanessa and Dan’s ceremony.  After the Church, we headed off to U of T for pics. The rain was intense that day, as you’ll see in the pics,  but the best part about it was that everyone was in a great mood.  This meant we all had a super fun time shooting with both the sun and the rain.  When we got back to the Columbus Event Centre, the rest of the night was awesome.  The live band was killer and the speeches were super fun.  I mean fresh prince of bell air – who doesn’t love a parody of the classics.   We set up a photo booth that night  (I’ll upload these images in my next entry) and its fun to see young and old enjoying dressing up.

To Vanessa and Dan, congrats again guys and great seeing you again last week.  Thank you so much for having Gi and I capture your amazing day.  We’re honoured and thankful for the continued support.  Here are just a few (hundred) pics to visually story tell your day.  Enjoy,

Your Friend, Leon Chai
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M&K + Beautiful Newborn Baby K

Happy Friday everyone!  We’re in the heart of our wedding season these past few months, editing, meeting 2014 clients, presenting wedding pics and shooting back to back every weekend… I absolutely love this crazy pace and I am thankful for every second.   So as we’re gearing up for our work weekend to start, I thought I would share this cute newborn session.

It’s always such great news to hear when a couple is expecting and when M contacted me about this session, I was thrilled to hear the amazing news.  When I got to M&K’s place, K showed me around their place and we decided to use Baby K’s room for the shoots.  The awesome part about her room was the fact that for a newborn her closet was pretty full with clothing =)   When M brought out baby K, she looked super cute with her big bright eyes.  Not to mention too…the fact that her parents looked great (they hid their sleeplessness well).  The session went smoothly and in between feedings, I was chatting with K and got a chance to check out some of his pics he shot in the past.

To M&K, congrats again guys on your beautiful daughter. Thanks you both for contacting me to capture this cute lifestage in your family. Here are just a few pics from our session. Have a awesome weekend!

Your Friend,

Leon Chai
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