Congrats to the Bride to Be – Andrea’s bridal shower

There is a simple rule when it comes to certain things in life… so for example, if you need your hair done - go to a salon, if your car needs servicing – find a mechanic… not rocket science right?  Well, until spending the afternoon capturing Andrea’s shower did I realize the unobvious link… if you want to cater the perfect party… don’t call a caterer… hire architects =)   When I walked into the party, I was blown away (mind blasting… insert Russell peters voice) by the food and presentation and when I asked who was the caterer, a few scrambling friends of Andrea said us… and we’re not cooks, we’re architects.  Seriously impressive ladies!

Aside from the food, the thoughtful planning didn’t end there. Even with the games, they where all catered to Andrea. It’s not often you see a game like, replicate a building by using candy lego block contest (you know you’re an architect when…) and design the perfect shoes.  It was super sweet, even down to the surprise gift and cake that perfectly fit this jet setting couple.  A nice surprise that day was Desmond popping in quickly with flowers for Andrea… although I think he was there for the food too =)

It’s quite apparent that there is a lot of love from all of their friends and family for Andrea and Desmond’s upcoming big day. To my friends Andrea and Desmond, thanks so much for asking me to capture this chapter in your story. You guys seriously make an amazing couple together and I want wish you both nothing but the best going forward in life.  Here are just a few pics to visually story tell the event.  See you both on the field soon (me on the sideline of course =) )

Your Friend, Leon
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