Can’t wait to meet you Nacho! Christina & Dan’s Maternity Session

From the moment I got the news from Christina  that she was expecting a while back… Man was I happy for the both of them. No doubt, Christina and Dan will make amazing parents.  I’m also thankful that they asked me to capture this life stage for them as it warms my heart personally.  It is a chance for me to look back and have the ability to say that I had the honour of capturing their wedding and now their maternity.  The awesome part was, the timing totally worked out for this shoot as they popped back into Toronto for her brother’s wedding.   These travelers partied it up for the wedding and were totally up for a shoot the next day.   Initially, I got a little overzealous with my location planning ... in my head I was thinking we can head over to beaches, then use the surrounding area… but as my tired pregnant friend suggested… lets head across the street to a local park where she grew up.  So that’s exactly what we did =)  Christina’s sister Andrea came along for the shoot as she was  helping Christina get ready initially and made some cameo appearances in their shoot =) As you can see, Andrea is crazy flexible and super talented.. check her out (here).   The shoot with was fun with Chris and Dan and I got to kill two zombies with one stone (don’t kill birds people.. not nice…)  as I got to spend time with them too.

To my friends Christina and Dan, Gi and I can’t wait to meet little Nacho.  Here are a few pics from our shoot. See you both in August. Much love guys.

Your Friend, Leon
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