So much love for this little man… Happy First Birthday S!

You know what’s awesome about this first b-day party.. it is the fact that if this was his 25th b-day this party it still would have been just as pimp.  So let’s see… S’s party was in a fancy hotel, there was a race car, race track, amazing food,  tons of friends and family …Mercedes coupe as a gift. I would love a party like this… haha.

All fun and games aside, I was super impressed with this car themed party and most importantly, it was amazing  seeing baby S hit this milestone year.  I mean the last time I saw him was at his super cute newborn shoot (see here).   To my friends H&R, you guys are the best for always keeping me in mind for these special occasions – thank you.  Happy belated b-day to your little man and here are some pics from his awesome party.

Your Friend, Leon
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