What a perfect family =) Baby C’s cute Newborn Session

Last month, I had a Mary Ward week..and no.. I don’t mean an unproductive, walked around the halls all day (If anyone from Ward from my year is reading this, they would get it).  I was fortunate enough to reunite with some long time friends and got a chance to capture their beautiful families.

I’ve known both T&J for a long time and was recently in contact with T in the winter when she told be they where expecting number 2.  When baby C was born, I popped by there place within a week of her birth to capture some newborn pics.   When I got to their place, it was just great seeing them both – totally same good peoples as I’ve always known them to be.   Their son J… is super adorable (a spitting image of both the parents) and the exact same thing can be said about baby C.  We started off doing some solo’s of Baby C and worked into the family pics as you guys will see below.

To my friends T&J, great seeing you both and meeting your beautiful family! Thank you guys so much for keeping me in mind and giving me this opportunity to capture Baby Cs newborn pics.  Here a just a few from our session.

Your Friend, Leon
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