Maritess + Ruzen Married!!! // West River Event Centre // Vaughan

We have been pretty much on a go go go type of schedule with our work these past few weeks.  It is to the point that I remember capturing a sweet wedding ceremony and literally running to the airport to catch a plane to SF.  Like always, life has been nothing but good excitement for us… so thankful for everything and zippo complaints.  I hope you guys are all enjoying the long weekend and this awesome weather.  I’m about to head out to meet our client for an engagement lifestyle shoot but before that… we’re excited to showcase this fun wedding:

To the fun stuff... our new friends Maritess and Ruzen’s wedding.. man.. good times.  A week before their wedding, we had our lifestyle session with them so I got a chance to get to know in front of the camera and just hanging out having some fun.  On the day of their wedding, both Maritess and Ruzen got ready in the same hotel but in different rooms.  I looove when our wedding couples do this... for a few reasons. Mainly, I get to bounce back and forth with gi between the guys and girls getting ready.  Not only that but I get to bounce ideas with dress and details shots with gi. That being said, given that they were in the same hotel, we had to be super careful that Ruzen didn’t see the dress... this entailed.. my lovely wife yelling any time she saw anyone looking like Ruzen coming our way =)

When Ruzen was all ready, I went with him downstairs and called Gi to let her know we were ready and did a reveal... awesome reaction guys!

We headed to the church where they had a beautiful Catholic ceremony tying in traditional Filipino rituals.  One thing that can’t be seen in the pics was how funny their priest was... that dude was awesome (I just called the priest a dude... oh man...) One other thing that is worth noting was that day, was freezing! Like at one point..I lost all feelings in my toes cold… lol.  The awesome part was everyone in the wedding party rolled with the punches... even people in the wedding party that has “zero percent body fat” didn’t complain.  Virtual high 5 to all of you.  One last note I have to mention is that the DJ nailed it with the best r&b tracks from the 90`s.

To our friend Amanda, thanks so much for introducing us to your awesome friends. It was great seeing you and Roddy that day. To my new friends Maritess and Ruzen, many many thanks for having Gi and I capture your special day. I’m going to say the same thing you guys said to us when we saw you the next day...welcome to our family...whatever you need, just say the word.  Here are some pics to visually story tell your awesome day.

Your friend, Leon Chai

Venue: West River Event Centre, Vaughan

Hair+ Makeup – BlushPretty (Stephanie Anne Daga)

Church – St.Bartholomew Catholic Church
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M+R + Baby A and B (Woof) // Newborn Session

This blog is coming from one of my most favorite places on earth to do work… which is 50,000 feet from earth… in my squished centre seat on a plane.  Every time I head out on a longer trip, I get stoked as I know I get uninterrupted (being unplugged from the world) photo processing time.  As I’m heading back to Toronto right now.. I hope everyone enjoyed the weather as I hear it was great, just like what Gi and I enjoyed in SF.

A few weeks back I had the honour of capturing this cute newborn session for M&R.  When I got to their home, I was greeted by their awesome dog B and of course M&R’s beautiful new addition.  Baby A is super cute man but you guys will see that below.  She was totally great with the camera and was awake for a good amount of the shots.  Ironically enough, in between shoots when baby A was being feed… I got a chance to take some (well… actually pics of their other family member…B…. what a cute dog he is too.

As I’m about to land, here are some pics from this cute session.  To my friend M&R, thank you so much for this session and opening your home to me to capture this special moment of your family life.

Your Friend, Leon
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What a perfect family =) Baby C’s cute Newborn Session

Last month, I had a Mary Ward week..and no.. I don’t mean an unproductive, walked around the halls all day (If anyone from Ward from my year is reading this, they would get it).  I was fortunate enough to reunite with some long time friends and got a chance to capture their beautiful families.

I’ve known both T&J for a long time and was recently in contact with T in the winter when she told be they where expecting number 2.  When baby C was born, I popped by there place within a week of her birth to capture some newborn pics.   When I got to their place, it was just great seeing them both – totally same good peoples as I’ve always known them to be.   Their son J… is super adorable (a spitting image of both the parents) and the exact same thing can be said about baby C.  We started off doing some solo’s of Baby C and worked into the family pics as you guys will see below.

To my friends T&J, great seeing you both and meeting your beautiful family! Thank you guys so much for keeping me in mind and giving me this opportunity to capture Baby Cs newborn pics.  Here a just a few from our session.

Your Friend, Leon
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Couldn’t be happier for N+W. Newborn Photography

I wish I coined the phrase “legacy is greater then currency” … because when I first heard Gary Vaynerchuck talk about this... he nailed it  on the head.  Why I love what I do and what my business is all about.   If I stopped what I’m doing today… I could look back 7 years and be completely satisfied as I spent almost a decade documenting love, new life and eventful moments for people.

When close friends ask us to capture their wedding / newborn / baptism  etc… it is something I find hard to express - how truly happy and honoured it is for us.    So first and foremost I’m thrilled for my close friends W&N for the birth of their beautiful son D!   What was pretty awesome for this shoot was the fact that I got to see my friends W&N which I haven’t seen in a long time.   The crazy part about seeing them with a child was how natural they were.  One other key point was how great N looked… I would not have known she had a baby… and this was probably 7 days after childbirth.  And to be fair, W ‘ski looked handsome too =)

The shoot was fun times and baby D is cute stuff man…  but I’ll let the pics showcase that.  To my friends N & W, Gi and I can’t be happier for you guys! Here are some pics from our session.

Your Friend, Leon
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