Sharan & Alex’s // Sangeet/Henna Party

I hope everyone is enjoying the long weekend and for those who celebrate Easter, Happy Easter =)

I’m back sharing the story of Sharan and Alex’s week of celebrations starting off with their Sangeet Party.  It was such an awesome lively celebration and not to mention that Sharan looked spectacular in her anarkali.  When I walked around the hall… everywhere I looked people were laughing, partying and dancing… there was not a dull moment that night.  The entertainment aspect was pretty awesome – kudos to all the family members and awesome little dancer! As always, I’ll let the handful of pictures visually story tell this celebration.  Back to the computer I go as I’m stoked to process and share more pics from their awesome week.  Stay tuned!

Your Friend, Leon Chai
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Sharan & Alex // Henna preparation

One of the many things I love about weddings is the fact that there are so many traditions carried through from culture to culture. And over the past 6 years I’ve been so lucky to learn / witness / capture all types of traditions.

I arrived at Sharan’s home a bit earlier on purpose because I wanted to capture the whole process from beginning to end.  I have such an appreciation for this art form and all its meaning.   It was awesome hanging out and seeing the talented Shikha Bedi do her thing.  Within this time too… their house was getting filled with family and friends arriving in town for the wedding which was good times meeting everyone.

So to start off the events, here are just a few pics to visually story tell this day =)

Thanks, Leon Chai

As tradition goes can you find the groom's name?
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Sharan and Alex – Lifestyle Session // AGO //Skating //Toronto

I looked back at the last week and I still smile thinking about how much fun it was capturing all the celebrations leading up to their big day (or “marathon wedding” as quoted by the groom).  Not for nothing too, after their wedding and being surrounded by delicious Indian food … Gi and I have been killing it with eating Indian food since Monday… I think after 3 days, we finally got our fix =)

But before we get into our marathon post leading up to their big day, I’m going to rewind a bit and start from the beginning when I got a chance to get to know my friends in front of the camera for their lifestyles session, which took place in January. So we finally had a proper winter this year… like the winter I remember as a kid… aka snow and cold… “back in my day it snowed so much, the mayor had to call the army in…” . Given that I wanted to make sure Sharan and Alex didn’t freeze their gluteus maximus off, we started off indoors and worked our way outside.   So off to the AGO we went, despite the fact the place was jam packed, we managed to get some shots in. I quickly realized how great they were in front of the camera.  When we headed outdoors and they strapped on their skates, I got a chance to truly get them in action.   Looking back now, if I were to do this all over again, I would strap into skates too to capture them as I was pretty much stationary with these pics.   Actually… I take that back… the last time was on skates was 15 years ago… hehe…

So lets call this post 1… with many more to come =)

Your Friend, Leon
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