From Bump to Baby.

So I’ll give you a little dialogue in the life of the Leon and the Gi’ster  the husband and wife team here… typical day of my non corporate life in our studio:

Gi’ster – Have you posted any of C+B + baby C pics?

Leon -  Pics are done babes … just designing a album for them

Gi’ster -  that wasn’t the question… have you posted them?  You know.. Baby C going to be walking soon if you don’t post the pics…

Leon – Well.. I’m not sure if they want me to post pics of their son…

Gi’ster – have you asked?

Leon – Oh yeah.. I could do that…

So if your reading this post, that means C+B gave me the go ahead, which I’m so happy for as we’re always proud to showcase our work.   Especially when our clients are one of our closest friends. So how happy are we for C&B?  We couldn’t be happier and their son couldn’t be cuter.  As a documenter of life… I’m honoured to show these captures of our friends from bump to baby.

Love Uncle Leon and Aunt Gi.
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