My first Christmas // Family Shoot

I think it was only 2 years ago… Gi and I was invited to 14 weddings in one year – and if I threw our wedding clients into the mix too…easily 40 weekends booked solid of celebration.  Fast forward 2 years later… and now it’s the awesomeness of everyone starting a family and babies everywhere…which we can’t be happier every time we hear an announcement =)

T&E are one of our closest friends, which is why are super happy for them and their addition to their family this year.  So when T asked about us to do a Christmas shoot of them, it was good times cause we love seeing their insanely cute little dude.. (and T & E of course =)).  What was cute about this shoot was the full festiveness going on with R’s Santa hat, Christmas outfits and the tree all decorated.

Here are just a handful of pics from our session which should put you guys in the festive mood.  As per my advent calendar only one more week till Christmas! Enjoy!

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And then there were three…. // Newborn Photography

I haven’t blogged in a while as work has been crazy, but I wanted to get a chance to write this blog for my good friends B&F.   When I first found out that they were expecting another child I called B&F and shared in their giddiness.   The surprising part was soon to come out that not only were they having a second child but they would be having a third....since it was twins!!!  Twins – that means they learn faster, they are double the fun, you can dress them up together, and so many other great twin things.  But it also means double the diapers, more feedings, and all the extras that twins need.   I must say that I respect all parents, but I must give extra kudos to parents of multiples.  And for those women out there, I am also amazed at F as she is now dealing with 3 boys in the family – not including B.   Testosterone land.

Alright so let’s get into the shoot.   We went over to B&F’s place to take the shoot as they were not going to be lugging their 3 boys out the door.   What impressed me about B&F was how put together they were, 3 boys and the house was calm.   Little O was watching tv and M&N were napping in their cribs.  Once we started the shoot though, well things changed a bit.   It is interesting with twins, you think because they are twins they should act alike, but the reality is that they are each individuals who have their own traits.   I think you will see that in the pics below.   As for  Big brother O, he is so different from our last shoot with him HERE, he has his own opinion and does what he wants but he is definitely super sweet to his new brothers.

Aunty G and Uncle L can’t wait to spoil you guys!

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Fall Family Lifestyle Session // T+D+R+B + Family

I have a lot of friends that live in downtown Toronto… and we jokingly bash each other all the time with the whole notion of being uptown snobs vs. downtown snobs. While there are clear advantages of both, no one can argue how great it is to have space and to be one with nature… as this awesome lifestyle session has emphasized.

I met T+D + her family at their home initially but we started off this session in a forest that was right around the corner from them…. How wicked is it to have a forest within walking distance?  The fall colours where gorgeous which made for a beautiful backdrop.  We all walked around and enjoyed the short trail while I was doing my best to keep up with their super active kids.  You know when your out of shape when…hehe…  We headed back right before the rain and had some fun capturing everyone in their beautiful home and backyard.

Before we get into the pics, I want to sincerely thank my friend Karen for gifting this session (great seeing you that day!) and to T+D thank you both for opening your home to me for this shoot… here are just a few pics from our day!  Enjoy and see you guys soon!

Your Friend, Leon
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Love Light in Flight // Mark & Marianna

I remember watching the movie Wayne’s World back in the day, they had this airplane landing scene… where the plane lands and almost seems to scrape the top of their heads.  Since then, I always wanted to find a spot to replicate the scene… so needless to say, I was super excited when we all talked about doing this as a part of their lifestyle shoot. OK.. both Marianna and Mark LOVE planes… It was pretty awesome that they totally lead me to the spot, they even had an app to show landing times so we could catch the moment the planes touch down … What was even more crazy?  Mark could name the model of the planes… Ridiculous.

The weather for the shoot that day was pretty erratic but we made the best of it.   Looking back now… it actually added some nice drama …as we pretty much got cloud, sun and rain across the duration of our shoot.

Before I get into the shoot, there is one note worthy thing I want to mention that you can’t see in the pics.  Marianna and Mark are one of the most sincere couples I have met. From the moment I met them together at our initial meeting to this shoot, it has been nothing but fun times.  I have nothing but amazing things to say about this awesome couple… so needless to say, Gi and I are honoured to be choosen and can’t wait for your special day.  Here are just a few of the pics from our shoot.

PS.  Happy Birthday Mark!

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Fall Family Fun // C+J+M+Baby S Family Lifestyle Session

Family lifestyle and baby sessions are something special to me and every time I get a request to do these shoots, I love them for so many reasons.   What is even more dear to me is to see clients that book annual shoots, it is like seeing old friends, as it’s always great to catch up and to see how their family is growing.

When J contacted me about doing a family session again, it was awesome seeing them as always and meeting their cute addition to their family, baby S.  If Gi was with me at this shoot, she would say the exact same thing to C when she had M, is “how in the world do you look so good after a child!”  We met at C parents home to start off the shoots as they have such a great space and beautiful landscaping.  Not to mention, we totally lucked out with the fall weather as its been a hit and miss this year.

To my friends J & C, its always great seeing your growing family =) Here are just a handful of pics from our session.  Thanks again!

*** Edit: Lisa, thanks again for gifting this session to your niece and nephew and for the support!  Much appreciated! ***

Your Friend,

Leon Chai
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Saved the best for last // Jo & Rob’s Wedding

Jo and Rob’s wedding was extra sentimental for us as it was our first 2012 booking and out last wedding for the year.  In terms of a final wedding for us, we couldn’t have asked for a better couple /day /wedding party / celebration to end off an amazing year.

As for all our wedding captures, we upload a good amount of images to visually story tell our clients day from beginning to end.  So before we let the picture do the talking, I do want to mention some particular moments from their day that stood out (in no particular order):

-  Jo’s bouquet was made with flowers that was given by Rob way back when they were dating… and apparently he got in heat back then for giving plastic flowers…but I say he’s a brilliant man as this was his master plan… talk about  foresight

-  Kudos to the entire wedding party for smiles fun and laughter with the cold weather… you guys all rock!

-  Love the love lock / love the Toronto Maple Leaf theme

-  Gorgeous ceremony at the beautiful St. Michael’s Cathedral

-  Awesome dance routine that lead EVERYONE on the dance floor… serious party

Before we get to the pics, I want to thank the team that capture this beautiful day along side with me  - Gi for her help in the morning and Kevin C for his talent throughout the day.  To Jo and Rob, congratulations again guys and thank you both so much for having us on your big day… we truly had a blast.  Hope you enjoy the pics =)


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