It all started here 4 years ago // Family Lifestyle Session

When we all have a good experience with something, we become hooked.   Like cars for me…. I’ve been driving VW’s since I was 17 to now.  And on the flipside, I tried snowboarding once and umm…and have never gone again.:)

The amazing family below is the reason why Gi and I fell in love with doing family lifestyle sessions.  4 years ago we were introduced by our mutual friend Maria and Mike (thanks again guys) to O&J and their daughter Z and they gave us the opportunity to capture them.  Gi and I could not have asked for a better family to capture as one of our firsts.

When J contacted me again about doing a shoot, I was more then excited to see them after all these years and of course capture their expanded family.  When I got to their place the first thing that hit me was how much their daughter had grown since I had seen her last (I know…. Obviously Leon..)  she’s full of energy =) and the second thing was a new addition to their family… great times.   So needless to say, it was like before and a fantastic time capturing them as a family.   O&J, its so great seeing you and your family after all these years.   Thank you for this session and like 4 years ago, it was a blast.   Here are just a few pics from our day.

Thanks, Leon

So 4 years ago .. this was the first shot we took of this family

and 4 years later =)
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Man I’m awkward in front of the camera =) Gi and Leon

If we’re lucky enough to have you as a client for either a wedding shoot, lifestyle or family session, I’m sure at one point when the shoot comes, you’ll be like… “man.. I’m not great in front of the camera” and that’s cool cause that’s our job to make you guys feel super comfortable in front of the camera and to get some awesome pics.

OK.. so today, the tables have turned.  I scheduled in a shoot with Gi after a lifestyle shoot with our clients to take some pics of us.. since we’re starting the process to redo our website and all that fun stuff.  So if you know us, we love doing the tripod thing (if you guys are a long time follower, I even did my own shoot when I proposed to Gi in Chicago and also did a post wedding shoot this way too..) anyways for this purpose… the one goal was to get a few pics of of Gi and one of me.   Gi… she’s like brown on rice when it comes to taking pictures (did that analogy even make sense Leon?) she is like super awesome in front of the camera.. trust me people.. she didn’t marry me for my money =)  Then there is me… man oh man…  I’m soooo awkward.  Like seriously… there is a reason why I’m always behind the camera.  So next time anyone writes to us and says… “we excited about our upcoming shoot… but we’re not great in front of the camera..” I’m going to send this link…LOL

Hope everyone had a great weekend.
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Summer Engagement Shoot // Tu My & Andrew

These guys are one of the chillest (is that a word?) and easygoing couple I’ve meet.  So needless to say on their lifestyle session, I knew it was just going to be a relaxing afternoon with Gi and all of us hanging out and taking some pics of course.    Gi and I scouted out various spots for them first… and I have to give kudos to both Tu My and Andrew for having that “whatever you guys want” mentality as we asked them to crawl over fences, run through tall grass, go under bridges, and get close to planes.

It was a super hot day so we did take a great cool break at an awesome spot we called Rawlicious.   It was such a cool little cafe that still had a lot of old world charm in the building, perfect fit with Tu My’s lace dress =).   On that note, I just want to thank the staff for letting us snap a few pics inside their café.. and outside.. =)

Tu My and Andrew, Gi and I are so stoked for your wedding that’s coming up in a month +.  Thank you so much for your support and we’re honoured to capture all these memories of you guys.  Here are just a few handful of pics from your day.

Your Friend, Leon
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Casey and Jonathan Married // Grand Bacchus / Toronto

Casey and Jonathan, they have a lot of friends and family. A LOT. I don’t remember the actual amount of friends and family that showed up at their wedding but it felt like a small town – point being, there is a lot of love for this awesome couple.

So the forecast predicted 100% change of rain on their day and I remember a few days when I met up with Jonathan at his parents house, his father asked me to do him a favor… and make the rain go away for their wedding.  Thank gawd mother nature got my email request for good weather… as not a drop of rain happened. I think for the most part too, Jonathan really wanted to use a park that was near his parents home… which was perfect.

I started off in the morning with Casey and her bridemaids, which was action packed with the girls getting ready and practicing for their evening entrance dance.   I later met Gi and the guys at the Church where they had such a great ceremony.  Because of the awesome weather, we even got to use the outdoor park near his home.

When we got to Grand Bacchus, it was during the receiving line I realized… how many friends and family they have... but you definitely can tell how much love every single one of their guest has for them… take it from us .. being the upfront and personal snapping away.

To my friends Casey and Jonathan, sincerest thanks from Gi and I for having us capture your big day… awesome wedding and welcome back from your honeymoon guys =)  Here are a just a few pics to visually story tell your day.  Enjoy!

Your Friend, Leon
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European flavour in Toronto // Toronto Engagement Shoot

I’ve been pretty stoked about this shoot since I got the email from Priscilla way back in January. She told me that her and her fiancé would be in Toronto for June and was looking for a shoot that represented the TDot.  Sweet. Right up my alley, as I know Toronto.   It’s funny, I almost felt like a tour guide for T.O as we went around some landmarks that are truly unique to our city.  There was only one road bump in my list of places I wanted to use.  Um remember Union Station a couple weeks ago, yup it was flooded.  Although looking back would made for some awesome pics =) minus the sewage water  - the photographer who can’t swim.

I really enjoyed hanging out with Pricilla and Alex for this session… they were comfortable and natural in front of the camera.  We met at Union Station and from there our walk / shoot and hang out session began.   I want to thank our mutual friend Teresa for the warm referral and to my new friends Priscilla and Alex, thank both so much for this session. Hope you enjoyed your time in the TDot and of course with this session =)   Here are just a few pics from our day.   The rest of the pics will be on route to you guys =)

Your Friend, Leon Chai
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Welcoming baby A! Newborn Session

Doing this shoot was pretty awesome as I got to know both J & S from their maternity shoot.  So like the rest of their friends and family, I got to be a part of that “can’t wait for the baby to arrive” group.  So needless to say, first and foremost, I was extremely happy for both J&S when I heard she delivered.

Watching J and S in action with their son … these guys seem like natural born parents.  The glove fits you guys perfectly.  Baby A was perfect in front of the camera that day and since the weather has been pretty awesome, we just had to get outside to snap a few pics in the sun.  I’ve technically only met this couple twice but I can bet my house that they will be great parents for baby A, as they are such good peoples.

Congrats again and sincerest thanks for having me capture these amazing moments.  Just a few pics from our day.

Your Friend, Leon
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