Family, Friends and Milestone Year.

We’ve been having a blast this year documenting so many amazing events and moments, which took Gi and I to many places around the world.  So, so thankful we are.   I’m back to blogging more frequently now as I have some serious catching up to do.

OK, I think this family is awesome.  Before I get into that… a lot of our business comes in the form of being gifted.  And I know this is going to come off super bias, but the gift of photography and capturing moments at that particular time is one of the best gifts… second to that is an Aston Martin One 77… very close second =)

So, earlier this year, Y contacted me and had this idea of setting up a fun photo session for her daughter as she was hitting her sweet 16!  She wanted to keep this as a surprise for J as part of her b-day celebration. When she nailed down a date, I arrived before her party started and we had some fun just capturing some pics of J and her family / cousins and close friends. People that mean the most to her. Although, Y and her husband insisted that I keep the cameras off them… I figured we had to snap a few to include the cool parents.  The shoot was fun for me… as J, her friends and fam love the camera.  I think the most important part was that everyone recognized that it’s great to have pics all together… and one day they’ll look back and have images that visually story tell that point in their life.  Y, thank you for opening your home to me and thinking of this awesome gift for your daughter and of course, Happy sweet 16th J!

Your Friend, Leon Chai
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