Portfolio Shoot

Remember a few weeks back when the weather was crazy, crazy hot, and you basically had two options.. stay inside somewhere with the AC and stay hydrated or schedule a photo shoot outdoors and melt along with the model… I chose the latter of course =)

I’m a lifestyle photographer and in any given situation, I would rather use the outdoor environment as a background.  Every spot, every nook… every place can give a sense of the environment and create a mood. When Wayne contacted me regarding a portfolio shoot, I specifically chose a spot that complemented the look we wanted to achieve – and in this case I chose the back alleys of Liberty Village.

For the session, it was a HOT day… and even scheduling the shoot in the evening,  didn’t allow us to run away from the heat. But in the end, it worked out well.  I got to know Wayne during the shoot and aside from the obvious – being a good looking dude and built like a tank (this was one shoot I had zero fear of a bystander wanting to jack my gear) like myself, he’s driven in life by passion and determination.   There something to be said for someone that been training for 10 years + and has an end goal determined.  Enough with the blabbing on my end.. here are some pics from our session.

Your Friend, Leon
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