“Surfs like nothing else.” HP/Palm Web OS Event

The HP Touchpad rocks!!  OK, there is a huge tech nerd side of me that loves the latest and greatest.   So when I was asked to capture the event launch party for the WEB OS based new HP Touchpad at the Spoke Club,  I was stoked about seeing this tablet.    It’s funny, I do a lot of corporate event shoots and can draw a lot of similarities with each event since, it involves great speakers / exciting launches followed by fun times.  With this event, the same applies but the crowd was mainly developers and high tech people, so as I walked about capturing the event, I was also stop many times.  Why you ask?  Well let’s just say with a lot of techies everyone was asking about my camera equipment and lenses… birds of a feather stick together =)

The launch party was a success and the Touchpad works brilliantly.  Here are some pics from the event.  Check out their tablet cause really… it” surfs like nothing else”

Your friend,  Leon
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