L+J Maternity Session + 1 Little Sneak Peak =)

A few months back I spoke to J on the phone and we worked out the details on the maternity shoot with him and his wife.  I was pretty excited since they are friends of Janet and Scot (my last wedding post) and the plan was for me to meet them at the wedding before our session.  Of course, plans sometimes change especially when mother nature is calling the shots.   I got an email from J one day asking if I could pop by the same night because this little guy was ready to come out….So I headed over that afternoon to make sure we got the shots….I must say L was totally relaxed for someone who ended up having their little guy that same night …  L&J super congrats on the new addition!  Here are just a small handful of pics from our maternity session… + one little sneak peak pic from our newborn session =)  … more to come!

Thanks again for having us document these two special events. L – looking back at the pics, I’ll say it again.. you look stunning!!!

Your Friend,


Congrats again =)
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Alisha & Frank’s Wedding!!! Part 1-3

This wedding was freaking awesome.  I could technically end this blog with that sentence, show the pictures, and then call it a day… but of course I won’t =) So before I show some teasers of this 3 day, 22 people wedding party, filled with tons of excitement I do want to make some comments…umm.. .did I mention there were TWENTY TWO people in the wedding party?!?!…hehe

There were a lot of things that stood out about Alisha and Frank’s wedding that made it awesome.  In 4 years of documenting weddings, I never met such a connected group of groomsmen and bridesmaids – truly a great bunch.   Another really special part was the harmony and celebration of the two cultures, which really struck a cord with me.  And of course, Alisha and Frank whom we got to  know quite well in the year leading up to the day(s) as they are both individually and as a couple super awesome.

Before I let the pics do the talking, I want to thank Gi for the creative direction /set ups and shooting, Kevin Chan for shooting the FULL 16 hour day with us and a sincere thank you to Alisha and Frank for having us be a part of such an important day.  Welcome back from your honeymoon, here are a few pics to take you through the 3 days of festivities!

Your Friend,


Day 2

The Wedding Day
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Andrea and Michael’s Wedding!!

I know we’re in what feels like the heart of the summer with today’s weather, but when I first met Andrea and Michael the weather was the complete opposite.  It was last year during the first crazy snow storm of the season…I remember being stuck on the 407 as everyone was creeping at 10km an hour…. When we all met up at the initial consultation, what I liked most about Andrea and Michael is that they wanted to keep things simple.  Great food, great friends and family, great photos and lots of fun.  Simple but perfect goal.

Fast forward a year later and their wedding day was EXACTLY what  they had wanted.   The venue was at Canoe  (awesome, awesome food), friends and family from both sides were totally connected with each other and these guys know how to party!  In terms of the good photo part… well… see below =)

I wanted to truly thank Andrea and Michael for having Gi and I on your day.  You guys, all your friends, and family know how to party!!! Special thanks to my friend Lucia for the warm referral to this couple – it was great seeing you at the wedding.

Here are just a small handful of pics from your day!  See you guys soon!

Your Friend – Leon
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Jacqueline & Darshi’s Wedding!

We like Jacqueline and Darshi.  From the get go we knew these guys were an awesome couple and fun real people.  So after a year of getting to know them, we developed a friendship and needless to say we were totally excited see them again on their wedding day.   So before I get into the details of their day, I want  to sincerely say thank you for letting us be a part of the day.

A few things stuck out to me when revisiting the pics:

-       Gi started off with the guys in the morning… and as you can see in the pic below, Darshi has some seriously flexible groomsmen…I mean he has some SERIOUS vertical on his jump…Serious..lol!

-       Our Lady of Perpetual Church is an amazing and beautiful church

-       Best wedding intro movie ever

-       Liberty Grand is such a nice venue… we haven’t shot there for a year and forgot how gorgeous it is

-       As expected… Jacqueline and Darshi looked amazing and we had a blast that day

Big thank you to my good friend Eugene and of course my wife Gi for shooting along side with me and I’ll cut to the chase and let the pics do the talking.    Thanks again Jacqueline and Darshi, can’t wait to see you guys again.

Your Friend, Leon
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Maria and Adam Engaged!!!

We shot once in High Park to catch the cherry blossoms prior to this latest session.  I remembered it was busy back then but this year… well….it was insanely busy.   I think it took Gi and I about an hour to find a parking spot.

I met Maria and Adam a year ago and I instantly knew they were not only a great couple but also good peoples. Fast forward a year later (doesn’t time fly?) and off we head to High Park to do their lifestyle engagement session.   Even though it was a jam packed day, it was all good as we were able to work through the crowds and had some fun. Maria and Adam are a great looking pair and have a such a terrific energy level.   With that you can imagine all the fun we had, we even had them climbing up the trees =) .   After High Park, we ended off in Yorkville to switch up the scenery for a few pics.   We’re pretty excited for their upcoming wedding since its going to be at one of our favorite venues, and of course we can’t wait to see Maria and Adam again.  Here are a handful of our favorite pics from the session – Enjoy!


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Welcoming baby C to the family! S+B+B and now adding little C

Seeing S&B always makes me happy.  I got the great opportunity to photograph so many great life stages for  them and this session is another landmark as its welcoming their newest edition to their family.  Gi and I headed over their place in the morning to get some pics of little C with the family.  I did learn something that day.  I’m going to kibosh the glasses the next time I see big sister B… I think she hates them as the moment I took them off… she was totally not camera shy (and she’s never camera shy with me)

Below are just a small handful of our favorite pics from their session.   Gi and I are really happy for you guys and as always, I sincerely want to thank you guys for always keeping me in mind to capture these stages in your life.  Hope you enjoy the pics =)

Your Friend,  Leon
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