Welcoming little B to our world. Congrats M&N!!

Gi kindly tapped me on my shoulder this week and said… “you know Leon.. by the time you post up Little B new born pics, he’ll probably be walking and talking”… God bless my kind wife… hehe.  We’ve been pretty busy at the studio lately with back to back shoots and meeting tons of awesome, awesome people – so forgive me for the lack of updates.

Like everyone, we need more time in the day… but in our world, we know time flies when it feels like yesterday when we were shooting M&N’s wedding.  And now we’re capturing the first few days of their little son’s arrival.  Its crazy how time flies – but for us, it’s all-joyful landmarks.  This session… and I can generally say with all newborn – family lifestyle sessions that they are truly fun.  We enjoy these sessions A LOT since really… what’s not to like? I mean the new mommies and daddies are always ecstatic and the newborn is naturally super cute.

I’ll keep my babbling to a minimum and like always, let the pics tell the story.  I really don’t say this enough – but thank you Gi for ALL your creative inputs and different moments you captured.     Congrats again to M&N, I hope you enjoy some pics from the day.


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