Carry on tradition.

I’m lucky.  I grew up in a household where my Mom’s cooking… ROCKS!!   I guess a part of it is because my Dad is a picky dude… since he only love home cooked meals… to be more specific... his wife’s cooking.  So restaurant outings were pretty rare for us, unless its was some crazy event… but even still, Chef Mama Chai would always rather cook at home, no matter how much work went into the dishes.

My family lived in Trinidad for decades, so growing up I got the best of both worlds in terms of foods.   My mom can make a mean ackee and salt fish with yams or any traditional Chinese dish (no General Toa chicken here… Who is this General Tao dude anyways? =) )  But if I had to narrow down  one favorite thing I love the most would be her  BBQ meat bun and can humbly say that anyone who has ever tried can agree its delicious.  So after months of busting my mom’s chops to teach us… she finally agreed this past weekend.   I think she was more reluctant to show us cause it involves A LOT of time and was more worried about our schedule.

For everyone reading this, don’t ever take for granted how awesome homemade food is… may it be Gnocchi or Pho or Melomakarona…. I think it’s so important to learn and to carry on tradition.  As always… I rather tell story through pictures.



Quality Control - aka Papa

The Instructor - aka Chef Mom
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Just a few more weeks to go. Nirvana + Levon Maternity Shoot

There is a pretty cool story of how I met this couple. But before I get into the details, I really want to thank Kathleen for recommending this photo session to Levon as a gift idea for Christmas.  We are always excited when people want to “gift us” for lifestyles sessions to their friends.  Anyway.. Merci – Obrigado – Gracias again Kathleen =)

So my wife thinks I am way too chatty since I tend to talk up a storm with everyone I meet. I dunno, I guess I just really love meeting new people.  So last summer I remember hanging out at my friend’s house down the street from us and when he went in to grab me a drink I walked over to his neighbour.  This was because two things caught my eye about him 1) His s-c-h-w-e-e-t Audi and 2) His fancy portable Dyson vacuum.  So we started to chat about his car and the vacuum (as he was cleaning his car) and he introduced me to his wife.   When I got home I told Gi about the car and the Dyson..  a few days later I got the Ok to buy the Dyson… Still waiting for the OK on the Audi…sigh..hint hint gi???

Now here is the small world part, when the holiday season rolled around I got an email asking about “gifting us” for a maternity session.   We went back and forth via emails, and finally decided to meet up to finalize the details…and yes, you guessed it! … it was ironically my friend’s neighbour!  Good times!   (See Gi.. perfect example of how my curse is a gift in life.. ha!~)

The session was a blast… Gi and I had tons of fun.  As you can see, both Levon and Nirvana are naturals in front of the camera.  This session was pretty cool too since a good friend of ours lent us one of his personal classic furniture pieces to accent Nirvana’s belly  – Thanks Mike!

Gi and I can’t wait till the little one arrives to capture some newborn pics  =)

Thanks, Leon & Gi
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