Welcoming Little O!! Super cute new born photo session

Before I let Gi tell you guys about this shoot, I want to thank the Lam’s for this super cute session and a special thanks my wife Gi for ALL her creative input … this was truly ALL you.  Elephant shoe.

The Lams!!!

I met B when I was in high school and he was the fun and quirky CS guy. I can't believe that he married such a fun loving girl F and now has O joining his family.  Who knew? On the day of the shoot, we prepared the Lam family by telling them to ensure that they don't start feeding O till we get to the house.  We wanted to make sure he had serious itis for the shoot.  It always helps to have a sleepy baby since they are so much more malleable. You would think this would work but the little guy seemed to know that the camera was on him and stayed awake for the entire shoot.   Maybe it is because daddy has been clicking away at little O since birth so he is always camera ready!

We were all learning O's quirks that day, especially a funny happy quirk which at first, B and F, thought was because of me, but since then we have learned that it only meant he has to do his business...and trust me I saw a couple of yellow fountains that day.  There was never a dull moment between the tears, the pee, and the poop.   We can't wait to be the old aunty/uncle who says.."the first time I met you, you almost pooped on uncle Leon's camera"...haha....

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