Happy Holiday’s

Gi and I spent the past year meeting great people, capturing amazing life events, and sharing precious moments with our clients.  So we thought it would be appropriate to share some pics from our favorite time of the year – Christmas with our family.   In a small nut shell, we hosted the holiday gathering at our place this year, celebrating with the people we love… our family.   Just like any other post, I’ll let the pics do the talking.

We want to wish everyone a Happy and safe holiday season.  All the best to you and your family for the upcoming year =)

Leon & Gi

Home made cupcakes from  my super uber duber talented niece.. delicious  =)

Gi decided to test out her flat iron... somehow I got involved...

Hand made hat again from my super talented niece =)
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Meera + Jon Lifestyle… with style.. my kinda style…

With Meera and Jon, I am lucky to have two types of relationships with them, one being working and the other friendship – personally this goes hand in hand with ALL my clients.

With our working relationship, Meera & Jon hired me as the official photographer for the successful debut of their magazine – FUSIA, something I’m very proud to be a part of.   If you have not seen it, kindly check our their website:  www.fusia.ca

So over the past year, working closely with Meera - seeing her sense of fashion and her passion for the direction of what she wanted for FUSIA – Gi and I knew EXACTLY what she would want when they asked us to do their lifestyle session.

As I’m looking outside my studio today seeing all the snow in Markham, I can’t believe these shot where done only a month ago.  Man, how the weather quickly changes.     Meera + Jon, congrats to you both on the engagement and the business venture.  This session was fun times and I’m honoured and stoked for the wedding next year.  Here are just a handful of the pics from our day.

Leon + Gi

Talk about right timing for lighting... we literally had a 5 minute window for these shots
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S+B+ little B Family Lifestyle Session

The last time I saw this family was at their first lifestyle family session a year ago.  When S emailed me to book our second session I was excited to catch up.  To my surprise when I walked in their new home, little B was already walking!!  So crazy… she’s growing up so quickly.  Ok, I officially sound like the old guy when I say lines like that, but to get a better feel of the transition I saw, here are the pics from the first session HERE…. She was soo little..

Although a year has past and there have been lots of great changes, one thing is still the same about little B. She loves the camera and is still super cute.   S &B thanks for making this an annual session, its awesome to have the opportunity to capture and see little B grow. Here a just a few handful of pics from our session!

Your friend, Leon Chai
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Sandra + Nick Married!!!

Sandra and Nick’s wedding was my season finale; and what an AWESOME wedding to finish off an amazing year.   In my opinion, the day went perfectly.  I was grateful the weather held up – as winter weather can be unpredictable, and we got some awesome shots outside the Scarborough Golf Club.  BIG thanks to the bride and groom and their entourage for the warm smiles; you would never be able to tell it was a tad chilly that day =)

Since this is officially one of my largest wedding blog entries, I’ll let the pictures below tell their story.   As always, I would like to thank a few people first:  Sandra’s family for the immediate warm welcome I received from the moment I arrived by offering me food and feeding my addiction to espresso’s =), Kevin Chan for always looking out for me and being my second pair of creative eyes, Charmaine for introducing me to Sandra and Nick and last but not least, Sandra and Nick for supporting me in what I love to do by allowing me to be part of your special day.  Welcome back from your honeymoon, here are some pics to bring back the memories.

Your Friend, Leon Chai
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Brooklyn’s Lifestyle Shoot

My cousin Andrew asked me if I could shoot a few pics of his girlfriend’s dog Brooklyn.  They are planning to frame the images and giving them as a Christmas gift to her mom.    Before I get into this session, there is something you got to know about me.  I love dogs.  I want a dog…BAD… but as I try everyday to justify to the wife of how I can manage owning a dog, my rational and much better half always brings me back to reality of how my lifestyle really is… and how unfair it would be to have a puppy since I’m always out and about shooting and traveling.   In my last attempt to convince her last week, I even proposed to rebrand myself as the photographer that bring his dog to every shoot… y-e-a-h… she didn’t buy it… nor do I think any bride or groom would be cool with me bringing a lab to their house on their wedding day =)

Ok, back to the session…I told Andrew and his girlfriend Farica, that a lifestyle session would be perfect for Brooklyn.  Lets keep things candid and we’ll work on some portraits after.  I also suggested we do this so if she wants, we can create a coffee book table album as an alternative gift…opposed to one portrait picture.   So we started off the shoot inside the condo and worked our way around outside. Brooklyn was such a natural in front of the camera and super cute.

As always, I just want to thank Andrew and Farica for the support and here are some pics to story tell Brooklyn’s lifestyle session. – Enjoy!

Leon Chai
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A+R+Little I Family Lifestyle Session

Gi was asking me how I originally met A… and  it took me a while and I think we would both laugh if he remembers also.. as it was  “on set” for a music video probably about a 9  years ago.  It’s amazing how time flies.  When A and R asked us to do a family lifestyle session with little I… we were more than thrilled for a few reasons.   Looking back at my 2010 year, I was booked literally every weekend with a shoot… which I’m truly blessed for, but with the positives comes the negatives .. one of which is not being able to visit friends and family more often.  In this case it was meeting little I when she was born.   So meeting her for the first time and getting to do a fun shoot with two good friends of ours, was a win-win situation.

A+R – your daughter is gorgeous and Gi and I share nothing but joy for you guys.  Here are a few pics from our session – Enjoy!  Can’t wait to meet the next up coming bundle of joy.  Hopefully we can meet the new little one a bit earlier this time =)

Leon & Gi
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