It’s Wolverine’s birthday…oops make that Logan

Little L is now one year’s old and because this guy is so special he got two birthday parties.  We got to celebrate his big day at his T.O showing.  Of course to show how much we love this little guy, Leon and I asked one of our favourite bakers to make him a cake.  Crystal came up with the great idea of making a smash cake for L and cupcakes for all the guests.  Well, as always she delighted everyone with her Wolverine/Logan themed desserts.

Daddy had been teaching Logan how to smash the cake since we had told him this was the idea but I think all the grown ups staring at him made him nervous.  As you will see, we kinda intimidated him.    And he had just woken up from his napsky!  Hopefully he will smash the cake when we try again next year.

We know your party was kinda lame with all the adults; hopefully, our friends will make some little friends for you next year.  With such a cute dude like you, who wouldn’t want one =)…

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Alisha + Frank Lifestyle Session

I love meeting with new prospects and just meeting new people in general.  I think it comes to a point where I take off to a meet and greet and tell Gi.. “I’ll be back in an hour”.  She knows to expect me back in 4 hours.  You are right Gi.. I chat a lot…  (new husbands to be… take note of what I just did…)

When I first met with Frank and Alisha I came back and told Gi.. I really really hope we land this for a few reasons.

One. Frank is a high school friend of mine so there is a lot of history.  He’s still good friends with guys I used to go to school with so it would be awesome to see some familiar faces I have not seen in a long time

Two. Alisha is cool.  I like her and seeing them together as a couple = goodtimes.

Three… just from the preliminary details… its sounds like its going to big fun wedding… tons of people, huge wedding party and long day. I like, I like, I like, I like.

So lets get into the lifestyle session.  There was one request for the lifestyle from the couple. Incorporate planes somehow and water. The rest… was up to us.   So a week prior, Gi and I scouted some cool spots that filled their request along with taking advantage of the fall colours.  Before I let the pics showcase the session, I want to sincerely thank Alisha and Frank for their support and the fun yet crazy memories.  Can't wait for the big day!

Your friend, Leon

Love it...LOL!
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Janet + Scot Lifestyle Session New York City!!! – The Full Edition

Take me to the big apple baby!!!  So I Love NYC…I go there at least once a year and funny enough Leon has never been!...It also happens to be the home of one the best camera stores B&H so let’s just say he was very eager to head out there.

We were scheduled to go out to New York for the first time because my high school friend Scot and his fiancé Janet wanted pictures in “their” city.   NYC is not only special to them because they love the city but also because Scot proposed to Janet on the Empire State Building.  Very a la the movie classic “An Affair to Remember”.

It was an adventure getting to the city though, Janet and I actually left before the boys since we got to the airport too late and they already gave their seats away.  Oh well…I mean ladies first right..hahah..This actually worked out since the ladies got to be like movie stars – we hopped off the plane and went to get our hair done in NYC.  Yes that is the life!

NYC was hella HOT!!!!..Honestly, probably the hottest and most humid I have ever seen the city and given all the buildings there was NO wind.  So let’s just say we had to do many water breaks.  Of course one of the key shots had to be on the top of the Empire State Building.  But well, the weather was so hot and humid that when we bought our tickets and started heading up the multiple elevators/stairways to the top, it started to storm.  You could see the lightening and hear the thunder -  we were all devastated!...So in the middle of the building we prayed and hoped and whined to security,  sadly they said that even flights had been cancelled due to weather and there was no way we were getting to the top tonight – (for our own safety).  Well,  I guess the gods heard our prayers because the skies cleared and 5 minutes after security told us it would be impossible – it was possible.  All you need is a little hope I guess=)

I can’t wait for their wedding day because we know these two know how to party..and well it is guaranteed to be tons of fun…And if we get rain that day, I know somehow it will also mean a rainbow is close behind.

Thanks, Gi
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Anita + Steven Lifestyle Session

When I lived in California, everyone was jealous that I had the summer heat all year long.  But one of the things I missed the most was the beautiful fall colours which was why I understood when Anita and Steven requested an autumn shoot.

Since we live in the boonies, finding trees and colours was not very difficult.  We went out to some forests and found some great dried up creeks.  Anita was a great sport as it was a chilly afternoon and she was in a skirt.  They were so cute as she wore earrings that Steven gave her, bonus points!  Sentimental value is always a great thing to have in pics.   Here are just a handful of pics from our session. Look forward to the wedding next year =)



In the Making

It's funny, every time we do any shoot, Gi and I always scout the locations and take test shots of each other in the scene to see if its a viable option for the client.  Since it's always cool to see the process that leads up to the final results, here are some behind the scenes and pre planning pics.  Man.. looking at these pics (especially of the pics of me...) made me realize even more , what a horrible model I would be...haha  I think I'll continue to stay behind the camera...

My adventurous wife going deep into the forest

So cool how this used to be a river

Anita and Steven are AWESOME troopers.  In heels and willing to climb on a fallen tree trunk

She's ALWAYS ready to pose for the camera... and then there is me below.. oh man...
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M+J+ Little F + Fam / Family Lifestyle Session

So my friend Erik and his wife Joyce wanted to take pictures of their nephew F.   F and his family lived in Milton, so for the first time EVER me and Leon packed our gear to head off to the west end.   We of course got there earlier than E&J so we started to take pictures of F and his family.   F’s daddy J asked for us to take some pictures of F and his daddy’s prize pictures boxing.  I have a feeling daddy will be making a boxer out of this kid.  The only problem is that F is too darn cute to fight anyone!

Not only is F adorable because he is a cute smiley kid but he has a “squishy” face.  I am not sure how to explain this face but you can look at the pictures below to really see it.  All I have to say is I love the squishy face.  Just see for yourself.



Love his squishy face =)
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Sophia + Aaron Married!!!

The same thing happens every weekend… I come back and throughout the week, I’m you tubing the song that’s stuck in my head from the wedding and by mid week… as I have played the flipping song over a hundred times…Gi runs up to my studio and gives me the kibosh… as she has had enough..LOL!

On that note, I really should compile a top 20 wedding tracks for every year and come out with a mix CD… I digress…

Ok, for Sophia and Aaron’s wedding… two songs are still stuck in my head that reminds me of their wedding… FLO RIDA … “Club can’t handle me “ – where the awesome bridal party made their mark and that song from the Dirty Dancing soundtrack… “Time of my Life” - as the bride and groom did a remake of the movie … insane is all I can say.

So, how was the wedding?

Leon liked:

1)   The guys.  Leon rarely documents the guys in the morning for wedding and these guys… made Leon laugh. Leon likes laughing.

2)   Party Bus.  They say time flies when your having fun.  The 2 hour bus ride felt like 20 mins with these guys.

3)   Hot like a house on fire – Everyone in the wedding party

4)   Atlantis Pavilion -  I got married there and it was my first time back since my wedding… I miss that day.

5)   Nick and Carlos (Video Guys) – Two good friends of mine, also did my wedding … always fun working together

6)   Best Bridal Dance ever – See pics below.

Sophia and Aaron, Thank you and here are some pics from your day.  Enjoy!

Leon Chai

Wait for it...

Here's one of my personal favorite captures this year
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