Let’s go to the EX!!! Jeliz and Dan Lifestyle

Let's go to the EX! That's the theme for the summer of 2010 at the CNE and that is what Dan and Jeliz said when trying to find a place for their engagement shots! We were lucky to have one of the last warm days of the summer and we definitely enjoyed it.

My goal for Dan was to get him to win Jeliz a toy but of course she won him a prize first! Now that is priceless!  Dan was a trooper playing games and even getting up the high heights of the ferris wheel.  Although I don't know who was more frightened Dan or Leon  = ) .

We passed by all the junk food at the CNE, I mean you can't miss the smell of deep fried butter.  I think Dan would have loved some if the line was not so long but luckily he made up for it with a deep fried mars bar.

Since we got there at night we got some fantastic pics with stills and motions but that meant we needed the couple to really work with us.  And they sure did! All I remember repeating was "be still and kiss". They were very nervous and shaky for the still part but it may have been because they were enjoying the kissing too much =)   I am not sure if they  liked  it went I said you can stop kissing but I AM sure they loved it when I asked for a retake.

And as you will see, Dan did end up winning Jeliz a prize but I must say her banana was bigger than his.

Thanks, G
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C+J+ Little M Family Lifestyle Session

Babies…is it just me or is everyone talking about babies lately? People are either wanting babies, playing with babies, or having babies.   My friends are only beginning to have those conversations but Leon’s friends – well they are ahead of the game.  You see most of Leon’s friends have been married a couple of years and so they are already having babies.   Unfortunately Leon and I got together post the partying stage in his life so I have not had the chance to meet all his partying / Italian friends.  I know my Leon is Italian at heart but it is always great to meet these guys that have influenced him.   J is one of these guys,  so It was definitely “good times” when him and his wife C asked us to take pictures of their baby boy M!

All I can say is that I pray to look like C right after giving birth to a newborn.  I could not help but admire/envy that she literally bounced right back!  Little M was a little photo shy but cute as a button as the large flashy things kept clicking at him.  I also must give honourable mention to the fantastic crooked clocks at their home – really right out of Alice in Wonderland.

Btw, I do have a feet baby fetish…I just want to eat their feet up =p

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Sandra + Nick Lifestyle Session

There are a few things I fear in life… open water, heights and those old school dolls with those eyes that look like their always watching you… shiver.  But given that, I’m always in a constant battle with the creative side of me as I’ll do ANYTHING to get the shot. I even carry a 5 foot ladder in my car all the time to get that shot up high…as I poo my pants every time I stand on top =)

So when Sandra and Nick suggested that we do their lifestyle shoot at the Boulevard Club, where they keep their family boat… I was internally jumping for joy since I never did a shoot in / near water before.  But then I got a little nervous as I realized it was…shiver… water  (oh yeah, as sad as this sounds, I can’t swim…so maybe this  would make more sense now…).  And those narrow strips walking towards the boat with my gear strapped on me did not help.   I tried to be mr. cool about the situation, but obviously didn’t do a good act.  I remember at one point Nick asking me if everything was OK?  Haha… but once I started shooting…I overcame the fear.

Sandra and Nick are a super cool couple, great people and very photogenic.  I even remember at one point during the shoot, I stop to compliment Sandra cause she has such a pretty smile and amazing eyes… captivating…and really, I’m not one of the photographers that spits out compliments during the shoot to work the models …especially since her fiancé Nick is probably double my size and looks like he could make a wealthy living as a pro football player or UFC fighter =)

This shoot was fun and it was great that the weather worked in our favor. Before I get into the pics… I just want to thank Charmaine for introducing me to Sandra and Nick.  Here are some pics from their day. Can’t wait for the wedding guys!!

Thanks, Leon
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Linda + Chris Married!!!

Every time I get the opportunity to “pitch” for a wedding shoot, I tell all my prospective clients the same thing, “don’t worry about what you feed us”.  The reality is that my team and I rarely ever have time to sit and eat at a wedding.  Nonetheless, time and time again my clients are always super awesome, and treat us like their guests, giving us the full meal. I have 30 extra pounds that I gained since I started the business to prove it =). Linda and Chris’s wedding was no exception to this kind gesture and it was most enjoyable as their venue was at Canoe… Delicious.

Their wedding was unique in the sense that the day really represented who they are – classy, kind, fun and giving. I remembered when I first met with Chris and Linda, I asked about their wedding and one clear objective stood out.  There was to be no formalities, just excellent food, wine, and ambiance to be shared with their closest friends and family.  Well congratulations guys you successfully achieved your goal.

The morning started off with me hanging out with Linda and the girls while Eugene captured the guys at the Fairmont Royal York.  It is always kind of cool when I get to see familiar faces that I have met at other weddings aka Linda’s sister =).    Chris and Linda tied the knot in a beautiful ceremony in the grand venue of the Royal York and spoiled their guests with food and wine at Canoe.

If you have been following my blog, you’ll notice that G’s been writing some of the entries and has begun taking over the blog steering wheel… cause she thinks I am a horrible writer (she edits everything I put on – apparently I am not always grammatically correct)… so fine... lets cut to the chase and I’ll tell you about their day by doing what I do best.. through images =)

Linda and Chris, congrats again and thank you so much for having me be a part of your big day and supporting me to do what I love =)



Ceremony - The Fairmont Royal York

Venue - Canoe Restaurant and Bar

Hair - Grace Nguyen (www.gracejennifer.com)

Make Up - Joan Huang
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Janice + Dan Lifestyle Session

My buddy from ultimate Frisbee - Lawrence is loud, fun and a great supporter of Leon's work. I think he appreciates Leon's passion which I can always say many tend to envy.  So needless to say, Lawrence introduced fellow accountant Janice and her future husband Dan to Leon and of course they hit off.  I mean he does have a way with  accountants,  right?  Dan flew into town just for the shoot as he is currently living in the east coast, so we had to make sure that it was great day. Luckily the weather cooperated with sunshine.  We started off in trinity square behind Eaton centre since Janice lives downtown.  But what made the shoot really cool was that we found out that Dan's dad actually designed  certain parts of trinity square. Now that is a great story for their family isn't it?

Moving around the downtown core we went out to Dundas Square where we got to see the kids playing in the fountains as the day brought us some sweltering heat…. Aww to be kids again. We went back into the Eaton Centre to get out of the heat and headed to a special spot for Janice and Dan, the Disney store.  We tried to be stealth as professional  pictures are not allowed but it meant a lot to this couple and we aim to please. The Disney store is where Janice and Dan used to meet when she used to work in the offices.  So it was so much fun to get them in the middle of the toys and just have a good time.

Can't wait for the wedding day - we will climb up those stairs in that wedding dress!  Here are some pics from the session.



Here are some pre scouting and behind the scene shots:

This is Leon telling me, lets shoot them kissing here...LOL
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So I made my wife cry on her birthday… Yes, I screwed up.

When I first started blogging, I promised myself to keep it real… cause we all know when something is fake.  So that being said, I totally goofed up on my wife’s birthday last Monday and made her cry… oh man… no warm and fuzzy blog entry here.  Let me explain… so the week prior to her birthday, I was stressing. What should I do, should I plan a party?  What should I buy her? Well… on the Sunday we headed to the EX with some friends… (as some of you might have seen some pics on my Facebook)  fun indeed, but as you couples out there know, it is not quality alone time.   So on the day of her actual birthday she decided to take the day off and just hang out… and I decided to do everything but that… I scheduled meetings all morning and booked a shoot in the evening…

But I did have a plan.    I was going to come back home at 8pm after the shoot.... take her to our favorite sushi joint in all of Toronto and top it off with her favourite cake… Since I was gone all day, she spent the day cleaning the house – G not happy,  after prepping her for sushi – I had to tell her that the sushi joint was actually closed for the day – G not happy, and then I didn’t end up getting home till 9 pm – G not happy.  So let’s say my wife was not a happy camper when I got home.  I thought I had made a bit of it up by getting her a cake from her favourite place…and she came downstairs from all the disappointment and was excited that at least I got her a cake right?....ummm..well..the problem was I actually got the wrong one (banana chocolate with nuts is the same as fruit flan…ummm..kinda?)….err..let’s say I think that may have been the straw that broke the camel’s back because that is when the tears of disappointments came in.  If anyone knows Gi… getting her to cry is very rare – yeah..so I did bad…

So.. here I am out in the WWW.. saying to my G.. “I’m Sorry.. I goofed”.  BUT to redeem myself, as I’m also a new husband that learns from his mistakes… the following day was definitely my make up day!
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