Marilyn + Ricky Married!!!

It has been a crazy week,  I had to meet with 8 wedding prospects, some were friends – some acquaintances – some referrals.  Whenever I meet with friends, I am always asked the question would I rather be a guest at their wedding.  While all the clients ask me if I ever get tired of shooting wedding?

It is hard for me to express what my feeling is…I think I can relate it to the TV show Grey’s Anatomy… you know how all the residents wants to scrub in on the surgeries and they fight to get the most complex surgery…well that is how I feel…if I am in that environment I want to scrub in and jump into room and get in on the surgery. ….that’s the best way I can describe how I feel every time I’m presented with an opportunity to be the photographer…

Anyways, back to the main attraction: Marilyn and Ricky.  Marilyn was one of our bridesmaids at our wedding last year and Ricky went to university with Gi.  They asked me to document the morning of their wedding and play guest at night.   This was cool for me since I got to start off with the guys and meet Ken.  Gi has always talked about Ken and told me stories but I never really got to meet him since he has been in London since we started dating.  But when I met him, I saw he fit into perfectly as Ricky’s group of groomsmen - crazy and fun.

Congrats again to both Ricky and Marilyn, here are some pics from the day.


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Michelle & Ian Married!!!

Gi always yells at me for posting too many teaser pics every time she sees a new post on my blog.  And I agree with her to an extent, since I always have a hard time narrowing down my favorites (and by no means am I saying every shot we take is the shot…well..hehe) but when I’m commissioned for 17 hours  to document a wedding, it’s hard just to pick 20 pics to tell the story.

Michelle and Ian’s wedding was great.  I started off early in the morning with Michelle and the girls while Kevin was with the guys.   Since I knew all the door games that the girls where planning, I kept thinking to myself…. Poor , Poor Ian =)

On another note, I was totally surprised to see some mutual friends at this wedding that I had not seen in a long time.   I was also pleasantly surprised when driving to Ian’s family home for their tea ceremony, apparently Ian and I grew up in the same hood and we also went to the same elementary school… small world indeed.

As always, before I let the pictures do the talking, I just want to thank Kathy and Eric Ho for always keeping me in mind and referring me to Ian and Michelle.  Also I want to thank my good friend Kevin Chan for second shooting with me.  Last but not least I must sincerely thank Michelle and Ian for giving me the honour to capture your big day / and letting me do what I love to do.   Here are a handful of pics from your day.


Leon Chai
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R+T+L Family Lifestyle Session

R+T+L are like family to Gi and I.  So before the summer ends (boo!!) and most importantly before little L grows up in a blink of an eye, Gi, R+T+L and myself headed off to have a fun little family lifestyle session.  Too cute is the word.  Too cute.  Here are a handful of pics from their session.

Much love homies, Leon & Gi
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Nasim & Andrew Married!!!

For the past few years, I’ve learned so much about other cultures from doing a wide variety of weddings. I’m never one to stereotype, but when I get the opportunity to document a wedding of a Persian decent, I always know its going to be a crazy fun wedding… cause for the handful I’ve been to, they all have been a blast.

When Gi and I first shot their lifestyle session a few months back, they took a little time to warm up to the camera, but the session paid off since on their wedding day, they were naturals.  The day started off with two beautiful ceremonies, which lead them into the evening of great food, fun, and entertainment. Special thanks to my friend Nellie for this awesome referral.  To Nasim and Andrew, thank you for having Gi and I document your important day and for supporting me to do what I love.  Here are a just a handful of pics from your wedding day as I’m editing the rest.  Enjoy the honeymoon and see you guys when your back!

Leon Chai

Venue – The Estates of Sunnybrook, Toronto

Sound / Lighting - - MC Franky J

Second Shooter – Gi =)
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If you love your Dog…

I’m super grateful that I have the support of many friends, the word of mouth referrals and awesome clients allow me to be able to be in the position that I’m in today.   With all my wedding work, I always work with a second photographer, and this year I’m finally working with awesome friends that fit my most important criteria - Trust, Fun and Passion.

Eugene Choi is a talented photographer and a good friend of mine, we have worked together on few shoots this year.  He started out his business shooting people and then he started to really focus on Dog photography.   His work is awesome!!!  Before I let the pictures do the talking, I just want to say thank you to my buddy for helping me out with my shoots, and if you love your dog and have ever thought about having some portraits done here is Eugene’s contact info:


p: 416.818.7781

Here is a small sample of his work, feel free to visit his website:
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Sharon & Mike Married!!!

Ceremony - St. Jude's Anglican Church

Reception – Grand Victorian Reception Center

Sharon & Mike’s wedding was one of those weddings that I was really looking forward to. From our lifestyle shoot, they photograph really well.. two good looking people who are totally easy going and fun!  I was also excited about this wedding to see some familiar faces that I had probably not seen in over a decade. Even though I was on the job, it was nice to have some short chats to quickly catch up with some old friends.

Overhead clouds started off the day but the rain held off just enough so we could have our bridal party shoot.  The rustic church and ceremony started off the smooth day.  I mentioned this before in my lifestyle session blog of this couple that Sharon is an awesome designer.  This was especially the case with all the designs for her own wedding – amazing illustrations, fantastic choices for type setting, and just great overall design work.  Even as I sat with some guests, I overheard them complimenting her work so make sure you check her out at -

As always I would like to thank a few people:

Serene Thio  - For keeping me posted on what was next and GM’ing the day

Kevin Chan – Its always great to spend 10 hours + with a good buddy that’s also a good photographer

Sharon and Mike – Thanks you so much for having me capture your big day and for supporting me in doing what I love.  Here are a handful of pics of your wedding while I continue to edit the rest =)

Your Friend,

Leon Chai
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