Sandy & Mike Married!!!

Ok, I felt right at home at this wedding.   Let me explain…and for those who know me you will probably agree with what I am about to write.  Backtrack to… oh… 20 odd years of my life.  First off, as you may know I am Chinese (with some Trini =) )  and I grew up  in a pretty traditional Chinese upbringing.  But on the flipside, I also know the Italian culture extremely well too since I grew up hanging around ALL Italians.  My neighbours were Italian, most of my closest friends are Italian, one of my best female friends is Italian… I was even cheering on Italy for the World Cup…ok.. I think you get the picture =)

Back to my point, I learned to really appreciate all aspects of both cultures growing up, and with Sandy and Mike being of Chinese and Italian descent, this wedding made me feel right at home.

Sandy and Mike are an awesome couple.  They are creative, open for anything and super easy to get along with.  So needless to say on the wedding day, everything went smoothly. I just want thank a few people before I let the few handful of pics tell the story:  Michelle Kwong Rutherford for introducing me to Sandy and Mike, the talented Eugene Choi for helping me with this shoot and of course Sandy and Mike for giving me this awesome opportunity to do what I love.

Thank you!

Leon Chai
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