Linda & Chris Engaged!!! – Lifestyle Session

I like working with good people and I’m blessed in a lot of ways that every client is a friend. I am blessed that all those people I document are all GOOD PEOPLE.  Linda and Chris are no exception to this statement – really good people who are both creative and very fun. People I would love to hang out with as friends.

I met both Linda and Chris through a referral from Colleen (aka – Colleen and Bryan – Thank you!!) and when I had the opportunity to meet with them, I remember showing them my portfolio and it was  crazy that they knew over 90% of my clients that I showcased!  Talk about an easy way to validate my services  :)

Linda and Chris met Gi and I at the School Bakery and Café (my new favorite café).  We started off our afternoon utilizing the surrounding area at Liberty Village and later headed down to the Lakeshore, finishing off in the downtown core.   When scouting for locations, I always asked my clients if there are any special locations that are meaningful to them – as you will see in the images below, we totally utilized a unique spot where they met.  You guys are awesome and I can’t wait for the big day this year!

Your friend(s)

Leon & Gi
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