Happy Anniversary

I probably have over 2 dedicated hard drives with pictures of just you and some of us but this picture is probably my all time favorite, even though I look hideous and you’ll probably kill me for posting this online too.   If you remember, you bolted upstairs and jumped on my back (nearly breaking my back..hehe) while I was cleaning my lens and miraculously I hit the shutter.  I love this pic cause this is US… always playful, always laughing.  Gi, thank you for believing in me and believing in us.  Happy one year anniversary and I look forward to many, many  more years of laughter and backbreaking good times to come.  Love you lots pumpkin.
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Sharon & Mike Lifestyle Session

Location: Downtown Toronto

You know when you haven’t seen a friend for say  ….oh 10 years you either say one of two things:  “OMG, you look exactly the same since the last time I saw you” and mean it or you say  “OMG, you look exactly the same since the last time I saw you” – but you’re biting your teeth and lying out right…  hehe

Well, in this case, Sharon and I are friends and probably have not seen each other in person for about a decade and no joke (no lies..lol) she looks EXACTLY the same as when I last seen her… crazy.  So needless to say, when we first met up to chat about this awesome opportunity, we had a great catch up session.  I remembered I kept apologizing to her fiancé Mike as I could only imagine how was boring it was for him...hehe.   One thing I did learn about Sharon was she became designer and a very good designer… free plug for you and your awesome work : www.missthio.com

So the lifestyle session was really good times.  Gi and I met them downtown to begin our shoot. As you guys can see below, Sharon and Mike are two good looking couple which always makes it seem like every shot is the shot and to add to that, they were super easy to work with.  They brought their dog Dexter and apparently I brought out the loudness in him that day…haha

So we all roamed around downtown Toronto and shot at a bunch of locations that I had scouted the night before. As always, I’ll let the pics do the rest of the talking, here are a few of my favourites.  Thank you Sharon and Mike, I am really looking forward to the wedding!  Good times to come.

Your Friend, Leon Chai
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May and Mandy Wedding

Venue – Casa Imperial

With the names May and Mandy, don’t they sound like a perfect couple?  Trust me, they are.  May and Mandy live in Ottawa and I had the awesome opportunity to shoot their wedding here in Toronto.   This was wedding number two as the first wedding was in Mont Tremblant, Quebec.  When they showed me their images from their Mont Tremblant wedding, they were gorgeous, beautiful nature shots. So for the Toronto wedding, they requested a totally different look … more “urban”…and they left it up to me pick the spots.

The day started off in the morning at the groom’s family home, where they all got ready and had a tea ceremony with close family and friends.  We were then off to afternoon dim sum with everyone to celebrate, and btw, it was the best dim sum I have ever had.  After that, we were off to shoot - they wanted urban and we gave them urban.  We headed downtown where we had a fantastic shoot because I had two naturals in front of the camera.  Like I said, the perfect couple.  We headed back to the venue for the evening reception, which was filled with tons of fun and awesome food again.  Special thanks to Eric for introducing me to his brother Mandy and also special thanks to my favorite lighting person and second shooter Gi (see the last pic)

May and Mandy thanks for this awesome opportunity and congrats!

Your Friend,

Leon Chai
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