Helen & Enoch Wedding (Vancouver)

Hair  - bridesmaids– Brendan Hopwood

Make up – Ya-Hsun Hopwood

Helen’s hairdresser – Hirut

Date: April 24, 2010

Ceremony – Museum of Vancouver

Venue – False Creek Community Centre, Granville Island

I’m going to divide this entry into two parts since these clients are special to me, starting with: The Photographer and The Friend (I almost feel like I have a split personality… hehe)

Leon Chai The Photographer:

Back in November, Gi and I headed down to Vancouver to shoot their lifestyle session, which took course over a span of two days.  Helen and Enoch were great to work with – up for anything regardless of weather or the time of day.  So needless to say, on their wedding day today the last thing I worried about was two camera shy couples. Leading up to this day, I have never been so glued to the Vancouver weather in my life.  Every day my ipod weather app kept telling me that was going to be 90% chance of rain on the Saturday.  I’m never too worried about rain when it comes to a wedding in Toronto, for a few reasons, 1) I would have a rain sheltered alternative for the client and b) In Toronto for the most part, it rains for an hour max and the rest of the day should be fine.  For those of you who have never been to Vancouver, the difference is, when they forecast rain… it rains… ALL DAY.

So we took off on Friday around noon and landed into rainy Vancouver in the afternoon.  Priority to me right off the bat was to visit all the locations and plan out the locations for the shoots in case it rained. So Kevin and I drove around Vancouver for 5 hours to scout all the possible locations that would work for both rain or shine.  After the scouting, the plan was set  :)

The day of the wedding went perfect.  Waking up bright and early to head over to the suite where Helen and her bridesmaids were started off a fun morning.  Keeping an eye on the weather, it was a mix of drizzle and breaks of sun… So far so good.   After the amazing ceremony for Helen & Enoch, their wedding party followed us to all the locations and thank God, the weather held up for three hours for us to shoot.    The reception and the rest of the night was perfect, but as always, I’ll let the pictures below tell the story.   I like to thank Kevin Fung,  (www.fungkeblog.com ) for assisting me with this shoot, Hirut, Brendan and Ya-Hsun for making everyone look gorgeous and my wife Gi, for being my lighting girl (who says one can’t be a bridesmaid and a human light stand)

Leon Chai The Friend.

Helen - almost 1 year ago to date you came down from Vancouver for our wedding and the moment you got to our place, you went right in to business, helping Gi out and kept us sane from all our last minutes to do– for that, I can’t thank you enough for.   So getting off the plane and getting straight to it was a joy for me and being able to be document your wedding is great times :)  Enoch, I totally hear you on your speech brother and can concur that marrying Helen entails adopting all her friends and family…on that note, welcome to the family and I hope you guys enjoy a few quick edits from your day.  Love you guys both.

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Wade and Ameera Wedding

This wedding is one wedding that is special to me in the sense that it was like a family reunion.  When I first started Capture It Group a few years back, my good friend Anika referred me to her cousin and told me she was getting married.   The couple was Amal and Clinton, Amal and Ameera are sisters.  Amal’s wedding was off the hook… two days of fun food and partying. It was such an awesome experience and thankfully with great clients like them it really made my first year enjoyable.  So when Ameera got engaged I knew what to expect and was excited to see the family again.

The wedding was held in their neighbour’s massive backyard! Ameera was telling me prior that its great it was to have her wedding at her neighbour’s as she had fond memories of it growing up.  The food and catering were from Ameera’s father’s restaurant (which is the food is awesome, so good that it deserves a free plug www.butlerspantry.ca )

The day started off with heavy rain.  A little worrisome for everyone, considering it was an outdoor wedding, but the tents were set up and the rain eventually tapered off.  When all the guest arrived, the fun began – live drummers, surprise dances, great speeches and awesome food that bled into a night of crazy partying.  It was great seeing my friend Anika back home from Dubai and the many familiar faces.  Thanks for having me be a part of this awesome day! Special thanks to my buddy and fellow photographer, Kevin Chan, for helping me with this event.

Your Friend, Leon Chai
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