Welcoming Olivia!

Vien and Jim are two good friends of Gi that go back to their university days. I remember when I was first introduced to them I told Gi..”what an awesome couple”.  Needless to say they became good friends of mine also and when we heard the news of their newborn we were more than happy for them.  To two amazing people and now parents…congrats!

Your Friend, Leon Chai
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Sitara Hewitt Interview

First and foremost, I must thank Meera Solanki for this shoot and also want to proudly promote her magazine which is due to launch in 2010 – check out Fusia.ca! To quote – Fusia brings three core elements together: female, fusion and Asia.

Meeting Sitara Hewitt is such honor and the fact that “Little Mosque on the Prairie” airs in 60 countries worldwide, makes me proud to be Canadian.  My initial thoughts when I first met her, was that she was pregnant and absolutely gorgeous. She is one of the girls that you would never guess was pregnant for the exception of her belly. And while Meera was interviewing her, you can soon tell why she looks the way she does as her and her husband live and practice such a healthy lifestyle… extremely motivating indeed.

The shoot was awesome and being a photographer for Fusia Magazine, I look forward to upcoming shoots and meeting Sitara again to do her cover shot.  Wishing you all the best with the upcoming baby!

Sincerely, Leon Chai
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