Leon and Gi (Trash the dress, without trashing the dress)

Location - Everywhere!

Make Up & Hair - Maggie Ng (www.maggieng.com)

When we were planning our wedding I made three requests 1) I want to photograph our wedding 2) I wanted to MC our wedding 3) Given that I love vw’s … I wanted our wedding party to roll in the original VW Bugs.  0-3 was the final score.

But, my wife was more then stoked in us doing a “Trash the Dress” session.   We always had so many ideas where we would want to shoot if time was not of the essence and today was that day.  I guess one part that holds kind dear to me with these images is it followed suit with the lifestyle shoot I did when we went to Chicago.  I had this wacky idea to shoot our own lifestyle session  (aka, tripod and remote) and wanted to continue this same concept with our wedding after shoot.   So we booked make up and hair artist  - www.maggieeng.com, whose work is absolutely amazing and headed out starting from around our house to downtown and ending in Etobicoke.

For any photographers out there reading this post and using a 5D mark II, the RC1 remote rocks and the good old ST-E2 worked great for off camera flash if anyone is thinking of doing some self portraits.    The day lasted 8 hours but Gi and I are pretty happy with the results.   Special thanks to my wife for always supporting my wacky ideas and doing things with a smile ALL the time.

Love you so much Gi.  Your husband, Leon Chai
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